What is search?

Launched in July 1985, the purpose of Derry Search Youth group is to facilitate, design & develop projects that encourage the personal, social & spiritual development of young people aged 4 – 25.  Using a person-centered holistic approach, the core founding principle of the project is faith exploration and the development of spirituality in young people. Young people are encouraged to talk about spirituality; it’s relevance in their lives, whilst encouraging participants to make healthy decisions in all aspects of their lives

Spirituality as defined by the mental health foundation “….the emotional and spiritual resilience which allows us to enjoy life and survive pain, disappointment and sadness.  It is a positive sense of well-being and an underlying belief in our own and others’ dignity and worth.”

 Derry search Youth Group is a youth work organisation that specialises in reaching out to disengaged 11-25-year olds who have low self-worth and self-esteem who are at risk of engaging in anti-social behaviour and dropping out of education.  We also engage and support various cross community programmes via our partnership with Youth initiatives (YI) in a Peace IV funded programme ‘Transform’.

We aim to awaken hope, inspire initiative and mobilise young people to make a vital contribution to their local community. Derry Search Youth groups’ charitable object is to, without discrimination; promote the physical, mental, spiritual and social welfare of disadvantaged young people in Derry and beyond through education, youth work and volunteering. Our youth worker and volunteers engage over 1000 young people on a yearly basis through our 10 youth work projects in some of the most deprived housing estates in Northern Ireland. Far from trying quick fix methods, Derry Search’s youth work is long-term and preventative, tackling issues of poverty, inequality and sectarianism at its roots.

Derry Search Youth Group has over 35 years’ experience in managing, collaborating and implementing social need and cross-community youth work projects including a current SEUPB funded Peace Project.   Derry search Youth Group holds administers a Robust Financial Systems and Governance policy, and meticulously aligns to the diocesan safeguarding policy and training. funders include BBC Children In Need, Big Lottery Fund, Peace IV (SEUPB), Education Authority, TBUC,  as well as private donations.