All SEARCH programmes offer participants an opportunity to develop their faith, contribute to their community, while simultaneously helping themselves.

All SEARCH programmes strive to:

  • Generate meaningful involvement and responsibilities for youth and encourage participation of youth in real-life decisions.
  • Channel peer pressure and normal energies and risk-taking tendencies toward constructive ends.
  • Provide youth with skills through training in a peer-group context.
  • Increase self-esteem and feelings of belonging in their community and assuming responsibility for self and others.
  • Provide an atmosphere for youth to be on the receiving end of effective youth ministry.
  • Provide settings for youth to be on the giving end of effective ministry through hands-on service and being positive role models of Christian living themselves.

Aims and Objectives

  • To establish a positive and dynamic peer environment marked by personal development and active contribution to the community.
  • To involve young people from across the spectrum of personal and social circumstances, including at risk young people.
  • To involve young people in a lifestyle of reconciliation that includes collaborative projects, relationship building, reflection and discussion.
  • To provide training and recognition generated by the felt need of young people to be better equipped to pursue their ambitions.
  • To involve young people in spiritual development within a Christian ethos that enables them to discover their own sense of purpose and meaning in life, and to be reflective in understanding their relationship with God, others and the world around them.

These objectives are accomplished through different levels of participation

This program is designed to bridge three life stages from adults to young people to children. Qualified Adults mentor at all levels.