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Written by Administrator    Wednesday, 18 September 2013 23:32
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The 'Derry Search Youth Group' has continued to enjoy nearly twenty memorable years facilitating physical, social, educational and spiritual needs of young people. It is a voluntary organisation and as Chairperson, l cannot speak highly enough of the commitment and devotion of our leaders and committee members in keeping such a vision alive. Individuals, families, friendships and the community in general have all been enriched by the positive effects of 'Search'.

'Search' is a unique "Youth relating to Youth" programme that exercises a multiplicity of interpersonal skills and talents. Positive peer panels create confident and secure young people who take pride in using their talents whilst enhancing the quality of each others lives.

Many young lives have been changed positively by their involvement in Derry Search and Many young people who had been involved in anti-social behaviour and drug and alcohol cultures have re-established themselves through participation with their peers in such an interesting and highly valued program. Needs are certainly meet in Search as witness by the fact that so many young adults continue to come, week after for the past two decades. Not even through the era of heavy troubles were young people discourage to attend their meetings.

It is my experience to have witnessed many miracles of various nature working with these young people, it is one of the natural consequences of working with young people that we become role models, positive or negative to those in our care. I can certainly vouch for the validity and positive role model ship that all our leaders have shown over the years. No accreditation would be worthy enough to justify the endless voluntary hours that these leaders have given to such a cause.

'The proof is in the pudding' is a well known cliché and l can proudly boost, 'The pudding' in Derry Search is still very active and alive after all these years.

God bless, Martin McLaughlin.


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