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Residential Weekends

The Search programme is a Christian living experience for young people between the ages of 15 and 19. Each weekend is facilitated by over sixty young people who between them cook, clean and facilitate group discussion. There are 36 places available on each Search weekend for new participants. If you are interested in doing a Search weekend, please contact us as soon as possible as places are limited and get filled very quickly.

There are two Search weekends in Termonbacca Retreat Centre a year and each one is filled to capacity. There are no parts of the programme that are compulsory to anyone. The programmes for the weekend, consists of witness talks by young people, group discussion, drama, music as well as Mass and Confession. There are also plenty of time left aside for entertainment and craic.

Group leaders are professionally trained over six week periods. For safety reasons, there are eight adult night staff available on each weekend. All young people on the weekend are responsible to Adult leaders. A large emphasis of the programme is based on relationships with self, with God, with parents and with friends. Confidentiality is stressed on all weekends. After the weekends we hold 'Extension' meetings. These meetings take place weekly, and anyone who has participated in the Residential weekend is welcome. The emphasis of Extension meetings is to provide weekly support to young people.

There are a variety of themes covered at these meetings. These themes range from Christian living to Drug and Alcohol Abuse. Each meeting is facilitated by at least eight adult leaders. These are currently held in the A.O.H Building, Foyle Street, Derry every Tuesday evening from 7.00pm to 9.00pm. Our aim is to open Extension meetings to all young people. Over the past number of years, there have been up to 50 young people on average attending weekly meetings. Confidentiality is stressed at all meetings. The cost for any new member to participate in this Residential Search weekend is £25.


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